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The Cosmos

psychedelic music
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this is a community dedicated to anything and everything related to psychedelic music. obscure or mainstream, doesn't matter. new or old, doesn't mattter. post your own album reviews or someone else's reviews (just site the website/person/magazine/whatever that it came from), post wishlists, your favorite bands, your favorite albums, ask for recommendations, find someone to trade mix tapes with. anything.

psychedelic music is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator
13th floor elevators, 1966, 1967, 1968, 50 foot hose, acid, acid mothers temple, alexander "skip" spence, allman brothers band, amon duul, animal collective, apples in stereo, art boys collection, arthur brown, arthur lee, baby woodrose, bardo pond, beach boys, bevis frond, black sun ensemble, blue cheer, bo hansson, bob dylan, bubble puppy, butthole surfers, captain beefheart, captain beyond, chocolate watchband, churchills, clear light, clinic, colosseum, comets on fire, count five, cream, daevid allen, damien youth, dead meadow, devendra banhart, donovan, doors, drugs, dub, earth, electric prunes, elephant 6, eno, espers, flaming lips, flying saucer attack, folk rock, frank zappa, fuzz acid & flowers, gang gang dance, garage, gear fab, gong, grace slick, grateful dead, great society, hawkwind, hp lovecraft, hüsker dü, incredible string band, indian summer, jazz, jefferson airplane, jewelled antler, jewelled antler collective, jimi hendrix, kaleidoscope, krautrock, krom lek, leaf hound, lee "scratch" perry, love, lsd, magic mushroom band, mars volta, millennium, moby grape, mu, my bloody valentine, neutral milk hotel, nuggets, obscure music, obscure psych, of montreal, olivia tremor control, ozric tentacles, panda bear, pebbles, pink floyd, pot, pretty things, prog, psych rock, psych-folk, psychedelic drugs, psychedelic music, psychedelic rock, psychedelica, quicksilver messenger service, radiohead, records, red crayola, red krayola, reissues, rockfour, roky erickson, rolling stones, shrooms, simply saucer, six organs of admittance, skygreen leopards, slsk, soft machine, soulseek, spacemen 3, stone roses, strawberry alarm clock, sun ra, sundazed, sweet smoke, syd barrett, tangerine dream, the 60's, the 70's, the beach boys, the beatles, the byrds, the doors, the dwarves, the pretty things, the seeds, the shins, the zombies, tim buckley, tomorrow, twink, unicorns, united states of america, velvet underground, vetiver, vinyl, warlocks, woodstock, xtc, yes, zombies


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